A Hard Gal: A Rebel Woman

As mental health becomes a more mainstream topic, especially with younger generations,  it can be easy to get lost in the shallow displays – social media showing nice images and messages about depression, body image, etc., admittedly I am drawn to, can be overwhelming or almost numbing; how can I engage with this topic in […]

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New Year, New Growth

  I hope everyone has a lovely and safe 2019. Thank you to those who have a followed the blog so far and I hope you keep going and I’ve never been someone who celebrates New Years, or to make resolutions, but I do try to make goals, whether big or small. For 2018 my […]

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Purpose in the Planting

Everything you do has purpose, whether you recognise it in the moment or not. I want this place to have a purpose, whether as a means of self-care, to learn from others, maybe even inspire others who read this. Admittedly, since I graduated from college in 2014 and came back home , my mind has […]

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